What does MD Link app

MD Link is a novel app designed to streamline the process of finding the right doctor based on your symptoms or medical condition.
Disclaimer: this app and its content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment and will NOT provide a diagnosis.
Be sure to seek the advice of your physician or licensed health provider for any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.

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How To Start

How It Works

Search & Symptom Selection

The user can search for doctors/physicians

  • By specialty without having to enter symptoms

  • By the medical problem or by procedure without having to enter symptoms

The app will allow the user to select from a list of symptoms or diagnoses, after which a subsequent list of potential doctors/physicians will be generated.

User — Doctor Match & Medical History

  • There will be filters to sort for proximity, user, rating, alphabetical, and most searched.

  • The app will contain the review of systems (organ based), diagnoses, prospective treatments/procedures sought and past medical history.

  • The user will utilize a checklist with the aforementioned criteria in order to match the user with the appropriate medical provider.


The app will have a database that will contain all physicians/doctors. The database will have the following information regarding a physician:

  • Name, Location, Specialties, Procedures, Services, Conditions Treated, Availability(office hours), Interests, Other Specialties


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